We create innovations that stand out today and help build a better tomorrow. When it comes to sustainability, we believe actions speak louder than words. That’s why our targets are more than just numbers – they’re important milestones to ensure we’re always moving ahead and doing our bit for the world we live in.

Climate neutral operations by 2030

Our mission is to be the preferred partner for your project, providing you with best-in-class, innovative solutions and services. We succeed by offering strong global brands and dedicated teams of experts with local market and cultural understanding. Our track record shows that Electrolux Group has a long history in being a leading supplier to the project business in many markets across the globe.

Woman standing on top of mountain

Our key milestones since 2015:

  • 50% text
    of our total energy consumption is now from renewable sources.


  • 71% text
    reduction in operational CO2 emissions.


  • 24% text
    reduction in primary transportation CO2 emissions.


We’ve also established our first 100% green route in Italy, delivering products directly to our customers in the Milan area via e-trucks. With over 34,000km driven, we’ve already saved more than 21 tons of CO2.

How we're taking action

Our focus is on reducing our environmental footprint. That’s why we’re optimising the use of energy and other resources throughout our operations, as well as shifting to renewables.

The case for action

We aim to run resource-efficient operations as an integral part of our work by applying industry-leading practices. This reflects our values and what we stand for as a company – being part of the solution is important for both our employees and consumers.

+400 metric tons of recycled plastics used in 2020

Our ambition is to move towards systems that are more circular and ensure the maximum value from resources by recovering and reusing materials at the end of each product life. That’s why we’ve increased the percentage of recycled plastic in our appliances, while decreasing the volume of total sourced plastic.

How we're taking action

Our ambition is to contribute to the circular economy. We’ll achieve this by integrating recycled materials into our product platforms, promoting recyclability, using more sustainable packaging solutions, increasing the availability of spare parts to repair our products, and developing circular business solutions.

The case for action

Increasing the amount of high-quality recycled materials in our products can make an important contribution to combating climate change. By sourcing scrap-based steel, we can make a significant reduction in our CO2 footprint from materials. Emissions can also be reduced by extending the useful lifetime of our products.

This can be achieved through promoting more circular business models or providing aftermarket services that ultimately make better use of resources.

A taste of the future

We expand the world of taste with innovations that redefine the way you cook, so you can raise your standards and achieve perfect results every time — healthily and responsibly.

Feast with a table full of vegetables

Why settle for just fresh

Protect food with precision. Responsibly. Our fridges are developed to protect food quality thanks to advanced temperature and humidity control and compartments dedicated to your type of food. So you can preserve vitamins, juiciness and minimize food waste, making a positive impact through what we eat.

Perfect your greens

Our steam ovens dispense just the right amount of steam to lock taste and moisture into the food and make vitamins and nutrition stay. Cooking with steam also preserves textures and fibers, giving you more vibrant greens and making leftover bread as good as fresh again. When you cook with steam heat penetrates foods deeper and faster, which can reduce cooking times by up to 30%. Which means less impact on the planet.

Slide to sustainable

The intuitive slider controls the length – and the sustainability – of every dishwashing cycle. This means that when you have more time, you can set the slider to more sustainable.

So now you can care for the environment and tailor your dishwashing cycles at the same time.

Dressing for the long term

We create solutions that redefine what you expect from clothing care. With innovative, responsible technologies and rewarding experiences, you can forget outdated rules and keep your clothes looking like new, for longer.

Man standing beside washing machine

Soft water, strong colours

AEG SoftWater® technology purifies and softens water by filtering out unwanted substances like calcium and magnesium.

Not only will this allow you to lower the temperature and save energy – it will also prevent colours from fading and preserve the shape and softness of your favourite clothes, making them last longer.

Steam, don't spin

With ProSteam® technology there is no need to wash your delicate clothes, just freshen them up before wearing them again. Steaming is kind to garments, saves energy, and uses up to 96% less water. With the PlusSteam® option you can also add steaming to the end of your cycle, reducing wrinkles by up to a third.

Exact amount needed

AEG AutoDose weighs your laundry and automatically dispenses just the right amount of detergent every time. With this technology, clothes will be protected from fading, shrinkage and early aging, since overdosing detergent speeds updamage to textile fibres. Precise dosage means precision care.

Expect more from your home

We make homes healthier and more sustainable through smart solutions for air and floors with that don't just aim to outperform your expectations, but also fit beautifully into your life. As much as we emphasize clean living, we don't compromise on aesthetics or sustainability

Living room

More clean, more green

Our Green vacuum cleaners contain recycled plastic between 50–75%. Our new powerful 8000 Seires Green/ÖKO handstick is made from 65% recycled plastic and recyclable anodized aluminium. The vacuum cleaner also has modular, repairable and replaceable components, which contributes to product life extension, upgradability and circularity.

Take a breath

Our energy efficient air cleaners are designed to continuously measure indoor air quality levels and intelligently respond to changes in your environment. Five stage filtration makes them
brilliant air purifiers for dust, and their powerful system means that all corners of the room are reached, yet they're so quiet you'll barely even notice them hard at work.